Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grammar Fun

Welcome to the first post of my grammar blog! Being a grammar geek--and some may say grammar freak--almost as far back as I can remember, I ended up being the go-to person for a lot of people's grammar, syntax, and spelling questions. For me, however, it entailed the question, where do I go when I have a burning grammar question? The ease of having a blog on the Internet has caused me to hope I can create a grammar hotline through this venue. For those of you who may wonder why it's necessary to have grammar help specifically for Canadians, it has to do with the fact that we see and use both American and British spelling and grammar, depending on the person and context. I believe it's important to help people understand the difference in order to improve their writing. For those of you that are British and American, that also means I have a good understanding of both systems, so hopefully I can cover the burning questions you may have in your mind. That reminds me, am I alone in having burning grammar questions, or is there anyone else out there with the same problem? Maybe I'm more of a geek than I thought!

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