Thursday, June 7, 2012

Of redundancies

I think I'll put a few smaller posts about redundancies, partly because it's not nice to have to read too much text but also because there are so many ways to be redundant that I think it will be more sensible to organise my posts this way.

One of the redundancies that's a bit of a pet peeve for me is when I hear people use the re- prefix and use the word again in the same.  For example, I'd like to re-write that exam again. The use of the prefix actually already entails the fact that you are writing something again.  You could say either, I'd like to re-write that exam, or I'd like to write that exam again.  They mean the same thing.  The only exception would be if you've already re-written the exam once, but then you re-write it yet another time, so there would be more than 1 re-write after the original writing of the exam.  Usually, that's not the context in which I hear people use the re- prefix, however.  Stay tuned for more on redundancies!

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